Dear Art Workers:

The situation in Yugoslavia is getting... (even more) interesting. On the one hand, the need for artistic witness and advocacy for peace is increasingly live. On the other, Slobodan may soon declare a state of emergency, effect a dictatorship, and hinder or disable the conference. Stay tuned. You may have heard, the free media has been overtaken by the government.

The best way to serve the cause of artwork is to proceed in hope and continue with our plans. Below, a note from Dijana (INFANT synopsis), and a draft schedule for INFANT from KCNS. The latest structure: braid Rat into the fabric of INFANT - the festival and the conference are concurrent, with dedicated time for fact finding, creative workshops, and shared work.


Erik, this is a note about INFANT for rats, I ll send you today more detailed text about RAT conference. Situation here is dark. All free media closed in Belgrade yesterday. You can follow news on http//freeb92. INFANT Festival (International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre) in Novi Sad will take place from 25th of June till 4th of July 2000. It is the sixth edition of the festival, and last year we managed to organize it just after bombing devastated all bridges in the city, which is on two banks of the river. This year's Festival is devoted to the theme "Theatre and Peace." It will have a main program with invited performances from many countries, co-productions, workshops, presentation of different theatre networks and a RAT (Radical American Theatre ) conference: "Witness of Peace".

All these organized in very hard financial and political conditions.

Dear Sirs,

In addition you will find a program of INFANT 2000 (still not totally defined) and the application form in case you missed to send us some information. Looking forward to see you soon in Novi Sad.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad



Novi Sad, June 25th – July 4th 2000

Sunday, June 25th

19,00 CONTRASTS – Obojeni program & Hat Theatre, Novi Sad-Belgrade

21,00 D.A.V.E., Klaus Obermaier, Austria

23,00 LANDSCAPES OF MEMORY, Jandranka Anjelic, Belgrade

Monday, Jun 26th

10,00-14,00 Workshop: Massimo Giannetti, Italy

11,00 Round table on performances D.A.V.E. and LANDSCAPES OF MEMORY

13,00 Presentation of network: NATASHA

21,00 MACHINE-ACTION, Theatre en Vol, Italy


Tuesday, June 27th

10,00-14,00 Workshop: Massimo Giannetti

11,00 Round table on performances MACHINE-ACTION and THE END AND BACK AGAIN, MY FRIEND

18,00 FLAME AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA - presentation, Maja Mitic, Dah Teatar, Belgrade

21,00 DAMAGE, Ister teatar, Belgrade

23,00 WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU ARE NAKED, Dagaz Theatre, Sweden

Wednesday, June 28th

10,00-14,00 Workshop: Ana Woolf, Argentina

11,00 Round table on performance: WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU ARE NAKED

13,00 Presentation of network: MAGDALENA

22,00 TEXTS FOR NOTHING, 7 Stages Theatre, USA

Thursday, June 29th

10,00-12,00 International symposium »Strategies of new theatre«: THEATRE OF DIFFERENCES

10,00-14,00 Workshop: Ana Woolf

11,00 Round table on performance: TEXTS FOR NOTHING

16,00-18,00 International symposium »Strategies of new theatre«: THEATRE OF DIFFERENCES

22,00 IGRILA, Den gri-x, Bulgaria

Friday, June 30th

10,00-12,00 International symposium »Strategies of new theatre«: THEATRE OF DIFFERENCES

10,00-14,00 Workshop: Ana Woolf

10,00-14,00 Workshop: Del Hamilton, USA

11,00 Round table on performance IGRILA

16,00-18,00 International symposium »Strategies of new theatre«: THEATRE OF DIFFERENCES

22,00 SEEDS OF MEMORIES, Ana Woolf, Argentina

24,00 SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE - preview, Lisa Bielawa, Erik Ehn, USA

Saturday, July 1st

10,00-14,00 Workshop: Del Hamilton

10,00-18,00 RAT conference »Witness of a Peace« (round table on a performance SEEDS OF MEMORIES is comprised)

21,00 HETERA ESMERALDA, Tatjana Pajovic, Belgrade

23,00 WATERWARS, Jill Greenhalgh, Great Britain

Sunday, July 2nd

10,00-18,00 RAT conference »Witness of a Peace« (presentation of RAT network is comprised)

11,00 Round table on performance WATERWARS

21,00 CHINVAT, Artus, Hungaria

23,00 THE QUIN IS DEATH, Matarile teatro, Spain

Monday, July 3rd

10,00-14,00 Workshop: Kathy Randels

11,00 Round table on performances CHINVAT and THE QUIN IS DEATH

13,00 Presentation of network: ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT THEATRES, Belgrade

20,00 ECHO OF THE SILENCE – demonstration of working process, Julia Varley, Danmark

22,00 MACBETH, Mostar Youth Theatre, BiH

Wednesday, July 4th

10,00-14,00 Workshop: Kathy Randels

11,00 Round table on performance MACBETH

22,00 THREE PENNY OPERA, Basement theatre, Georgia



1. Name of the theatre or theatre company, city and the country of residence, phone number, fax number and e-mail address

2. More information about the theatre/theatre company and the productions realized previously

3. Title of the production/performance, cast list

4. Name of the author of the performance, artistic crew and participants

5. Short description of the performance and its reviews


6. Names of the participants in the performance-performers and their passport numbers

7. Technical crew their names , passport numbers and responsibilities

8. Additional persons coming, their passport numbers and reasons for coming

9. Accommodation special requests if there are any


10. Transport of props and costumes

11. Transport of performers and participants

12. Day and time of arrival in Novi Sad / departure from Novi Sad


13. Technical rider (elements that should be provided by the organizer in Novi Sad)

- sound equipment and facilities

- light equipment and facilities

- special FX equipment

- elements of set design and props

- discardable props

14. Sketch of the stage (width, height, depth) and the position of light and

sound equipment

15. Setting up the stage-duration of assembling and disassembling the stage

16. Rehearsals-number and duration of rehearsals

17. Duration of the performance

18. Dressing rooms-things that should be provided in a dressing room (coffee, tea, mineral water... an iron), make up and special needs if there are any


19. Press conference-name of the person who will represent the theatre

company at the press conferences and panel discussions

20. Promotional material that will be sent prior to the festival (photos,

posters, notes on the play)

21. Copyrights-permission for audio/video recording of the parts/the whole

of the performance for the radio/TV broadcast


22. Contact persons-name and the position of the person who will sign the

contract on the behalf of the company

- other contact persons-name, address, phone, e-mail