at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

December 1-4, 1994

In 1993, playwright Erik Ehn formulated a proposal for small, like-minded theaters across the country to organize and share resources. He termed the collective Big Cheap Theater or Art Workers Hostelry. But after the first meeting, the name "RAT" (or "R.A.T." or "Rat" or "rat"-- you define it or spell out the acronym as you see fit for yourself at any given occasion) . This proposal was published in the Yale journal Theatre and drew responses from several theaters nationwide. In December '94 the University of Iowa's playwrights program sponsored a first meeting. The following theaters were represented:

The Living Theater, NYC
Thieves Theater, Brooklyn
Woolly Mammoth Theater Co., Washington, D.C.
Seven Stages, Atlanta
Hillsborough Moving Company, Tampa
Frontera Productions, Austin
Salvage Vanguard, Austin
The Public Domain, Austin
Physical Plant, Austin
Undermain Theater, Dallas
Sledgehammer Theater, San Diego
Theater E, San Diego
Bottom's Dream, Los Angeles
Annex Theatre, Seattle
Ten Thousand Things, Minneapolis

The result of that meeting is described by Erik in the third article on the subject of RAT published by Theatre .

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