The rat-list is an "unmoderated" mailing list. It has been in existence since the spring of '95 and has run the gamut from periods of infamy, to lighthearted banter, to current event discussion/planning, to bleeding edge theoretical repartee, to prolonged dead silence. There are no rules - just jump right in. You should probably introduce yourself to everyone in your first posting. Also, keep in mind that if your first post is, "So, could someone tell me what the Rat Conference is?" odds are someone on the list may bite your virtual head off. Generally it's a good idea to visit and read various texts from the ratconference web site and get reasonably up-to-speed before posting.

Many of the ideas presented on the rat-list are abstracted and periodically catalogued into the ratbase along with related RAT ideas from other articles and texts.

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Philadelphia and Los Angeles rats have also formed local mailing lists.

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