by Tadashi Kato

This is my new experiment in which I dance with a free-style jazz band. In this improvisation, I mix modern dance, Middle Eastern and Persian dance, African dance, and Butoh, and mime movements. The theme is the suffering and pain associated with world problems that include, but are not limited to, environmental destruction, exploitation of people in weaker position, and war. In the first part lasts about 12 minutes, my dance is existential in nature and is influenced by Mary Wigman’s expressionistic dance, The second part is about 15 minutes that starts from my poem recital along with eurythmy that expresses the anger against these problems. The music subsequently depicts this feeling of anger and my dance is energetic and contains martial arts-based movements, Indian dance, Flamenco, and Mime. The last part lasts about 20 minutes and it starts from my poem recital along with eurythmy which expresses the prayer for transforming the energy of anger into light of love. The music that follows also describes the feeling of prayer for transformation and my dance has the sense of energy flow through Tai-Chi based movements and airy ballet jumps. The entire course of this piece is approximately 50 minutes and there is no intermission.

About Tadashi Kato

Tadashi is a contemporary dancer who is a native of Japan. His studied Japanese sword dance with Kensei Namiki, traditional style swordsmanship with Ken Morita, Ballet at Morgantown Dance Studio, Modern Dance with Angela Dennis and with Kristina Isabella, Break Dance at Harajuku Dance Academy, Central Asian Dance, Persian Dance, and Middle Eastern Dance with Narah Bint Durr, West African Dance with Jonathan Burbank, Butoh (Japanese avant-garde dance) with Kanazawa Butoh-Kan, and Toru Iwashita (director of Sankai-Juku), and Eurythmy (a form of modern dance founded by Rudolf Steiner) with Akira Kasai and with Austin Eurythmy Ensemble. He was also trained in Mime, Laban movements, Qigong, and various forms of martial arts. He has integrated the essences of all the movement-arts he has learned and performs originally choreographed contemporary dance repertories in various settings while also presenting traditional Japanese sword dance upon request. Tadashi also teaches classes and workshops on Qigong and traditional Asian movements/dance.

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology (Ohio University)
M.A., Exercise Physiology (Tokyo University)
B.A., Aesthetics – Philosophy of Performing Arts (Tokyo University)