A competitive storytelling event kind of like a poetry slam but with stories
as conceived by New York's Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Hosted by Margaret Motheral

Theme: Refrigerator Moments

1st Prize: $25 certificate from Whole Foods
so you can put something in your refrigerator.

RSVP suggested for storytellers. Email Margaret Motheral or call 215 252 1252

8:45pm sign-up
9:00pm the show starts
Storytellers get to buy a FridgeFest ticket at half price ($7.50 rather than $15). Your FridgeFest Ticket entitles you to ALL 10 or more SHOWS under the FRIDGEfEST TENT!


Was your greatest epiphany in front of the open Fridge Door? Tell us about it.
What happened with the refrigerator repair guy? .
Does your story telling genre run to sci fi or horror? Tell us about the refrigerator from Mars...
or the haunted refrigerator.
Did your refrigerator ruin your life?
What do you put on the front of your refrigerator door?
What happened last Tuesday when you went shopping to fill your refrigerator?
What did you find in your girlfriend's refrigerator?
How about Grandma's refrigerator?
Romance around the office refrigerator, anyone?
The Mystery of the Walk-In Refrigerator at Cafe Bistro.

And what about the FOOD inside your refrigerator? If we are what we eat then the refrigerator is the grand repository of our dreams of who we will become. Every fridge is the mini museum of natural history of those who use it. Refrigerators are a subject that goes straight to the heart (and stomach) of the human condition. Share with us your stories about your relationship with your refrigerator and the food that is or isn't inside.

RULES for Refrigerator Moment Story Telling:

  • A refrigerator must be a predominant character, theme or geographic location in the story.
  • Must have a STORY STRUCTURE and include conflict and resolution.
  • Stay within 5 minutes. Don't cut it too close because we'll cut you off when you go over five minutes.