I'm egging you on (mp3)


Rex's art in fridge:

Thoughts on performance

aristophanes says we were all double in the beginning.
there were three options.

option #1: Male-Male connected back to back
Option #2: Male-Female connected back to back
Option #3: Female-Female connected back to back

that controlling
God, Zeus separated us so that we wouldn't be strong
enough to climb out of Olympus.

now we spend the rest of our lives searching for our
other half, our soulmate, love, someone to complete
us, our partner in crime...

stephan is not searching? he may be complete.
he may be truly sexless. no need. he is above and
beyond and patient for truth within the DUDE


i passed a bouncing body yesterday.

eggs don't bounce unless they're hardboiled.

my heart stopped and i was paralized by an unknown

unable to process the event, my hand went to my mouth
and after the man rose and hobbled...no hopped... to
the side of the road, i continued on.

my hand was still at my mouth and my breath was short.
i was looking for someone to connect with over the

step by step slowly regaining composure, i noticed my
hand...no my finger... at my heart...circling my
heart...unconcious movement/gesture...it felt good to

comfort from my finger.

the man was ok. i went back to the scene hours later.
it was empty, but i quickly turned my head afraid to
concentrate too much energy on the spot.


We haven't thought about why Stephan Gustave wants to meld into the
egghead artist yet.

Something about trying to get back to that place where gender should
have differentiated but did not. This is why s/he makes egg things.

I like the name like Rex Rime in its simplicity. Reminds me of the
prescription Rx. and then the caduceus of the medical profession.

The mythical origin of his magic twin serpent caduceus is described
in the story of Tiresias. Poulenc, in "Les Mamelles de Tiresias" (The
Breasts of Tiresias) tells how Tiresias--the seer who was so
unhelpful to Oepidus and Family- found two snakes copulating, and to
separate them stuck his staff between them. Immediately he was turned
into a woman, and remained so for seven years, until he was able to
repeat his action, and change back to male. The transformative power
in this story, strong enough to completely reverse even physical
polarities of male and female, comes from the union of the two
serpents, passed on by the wand. Tiresias' staff, complete with
serpents, was later passed on to Hermes...

Also this myth from Ovid

"Hermaphroditus was raised by nymphs in Phrygia. He was remarkably
handsome. One day, he was walking by a lake when the nymph of the
lake fell in love with him. She made advances which the young man
rebuffed. Hermaphroditus was attracted by the clear water, undressed
himself and jumped into the lake. The nymph, Salmacis, saw him and
embraced him, but he tried to get away. Salmacis prayed to the gods
that they should never be separated, the gods granted this wish and
fused them into one body. Hermaphroditus thereupon asked the gods
that anybody who bathed in this lake should lose his virility, which
was also granted."