Stop the Luna-cy! (mp3 file)


Samples of Paradise's art in fridge (further list below):


poached tiger skins

tree to be made out of the paper

evangelicals' biblical view of having "dominion" over the planet is instilling attitude that it's theirs to do with as they please. many in fact want to hasten the rapture and thus welcome the destruction of the planet.

counterintuitive view that cities are environmentally friendly places.


global warming bird protection kit

List of art pieces (overall obssessive quality, positive and negative, problems and solutions - black humor too.)
-- pig driving a car(fridge magnet drawing)
-- tree paper sculpture made from supermarket flyer
-- environmental pamphlets sewn with beads
-- picture of an attractive woman's open mouth(fridge magnet)
-- map of the concreted U.S,roads and parking lots ( a frightening map to behold)
-- Magnet-The US is 5% of the worlds population and produces 40% of the world's garbage
-- books inside fridge "Conversations at the end of time (environmental art criticism book), Cofessions of a corporate Hitman,What's the Matter with Kansas, Life and Debt in Jamaica (A video)
-- Fridge magnets made of garbage-cup, crumpled paper, toilet paper role etc.
-- old bird decorations with glitter hanging from fridge shelves
-- Accordion folded large words that actor can pull out of fridge like
"Catastrophie or maybe words a writer would like to give me.
-- fridge magnet "for Consumption"
-- "picture of fish killed by fish trawlers (by catch)
-- Picture of cows in a factory farm (YUMMY)
-- Global warming protection kit for birds to use themselves(such as an umbrella) drawn.
-- nside fridge-animal abuse magazines
-- magazine issue-suburban sprawl and wild animals in your backyard
-- picture and words on or in fridge-%80 of the worlds forests ancient forrests are gone
-- fridge magnet-picture of a clear cut forest (before and after images)
-- 10 things you can do now for the environment(fridge magnet(s)
-- Magnet-fewer that 620 mountain gorillas are left on earth
-- inside fridge-graphic pamphlet with horrific picture of animal experimentation.
.... and so on and so forth


writing, stage directions, costumes ideas, .... all is welcome...

possible direction:
neurotic luna, crazy luna, she's worried to death about this planet
trying to wash things clean, not enough water in the world to wash luna's world clean
rational beginning, irrational conclusion, catches herself,
she needs to explain, she's dying to explain
means no disrespect but DON'T YOU GET IT
of course you do, i'm sorry, i'm sorry
but look at all this
and this and this and this [all the stuff eva is suggesting is in fridge...]
forever ending on wild, phantasmagorical tangents
butoh fu (like "Long streams of silk flowed from her armpits and into the mouths of her many worshippers")
eventually luna exits, maybe washing the floor with a white cloth

later in the show she comes back and dances the monologue
maybe young (6-year-old) vivian comes out as the pearl, the white moon, the white sun
and, i dunno, covers herself with red and orange make-up?

they leave washing the floor with a white cloth?

here are bits and pieces that combines what's been written so far:

do people ever think about the environment when they manufacture things. i mean, i was plastering my wall sanding the surface smooth doing some paint... later, when sweeping up the joint compound and the plaster flakes i thought this will be buried in dirt, in the soil. what if an animal came bye. it could eat it and die.


No no no. Because it's it's it's you¹re not getting it here, you¹re not will you listen to me it¹s like it¹s like the MOON the MOON no one it¹s there is this I am TELLING you - you don¹t okay okay. Are you ready to listen? Are you ready to listen to me? There was, I'm going to tell you, I'm going to tell you where the Moon came from, okay, because if you, if you don¹t respect where things came from, you¹re going to, you lose them, okay, and you know what? You deserve to. The Moon, it's like my teeth, like, like I don't know whether to like fuck it or kick it or.

i'm sorry, i'm, i didn't that, i mean,... i know you respect things. it's not important, i mean, you've probably got things to do, i mean, more important things to do or.. and i didn't mean you didn't deserve it. i mean, i mean it's not for me to say.. i'm sorry, i love you, you know i love you... all i mean is...

Because, you see, you see, there was, you look, you look at the Sun and what do you. Well, you don¹t look at the Sun, obviously, thank you Eisenstein, we all know, but the point the point the point is, it was not always the Sun and daytime is warmth and comfort and I don¹t know middle-aged German tourists in like Tunisia or some and the Moon, see, the Moon and its cold, endless whiteness, it wasn¹t always like this. Because the Sun and the Moon were sisters. Are sisters. Or possibly brothers.
And the Moon had a face that could have been a woman¹s or a beautiful boy¹s. People would look twice at her when she got on the subway and sometimes a third time. Furtively. Long streams of silk flowed from her armpits and into the mouths of her many worshippers.

Last night I could not sleep because I thought we could run out of
oil in the next 5 to 10 years. Furthermore, what function does oil
serve in its natural state, inside the earth?

The next morning I walked into store on Route 28 that specialed in caviar, I thought from the hudson river. In the back there was a magnificent diorama of wood carved figures of russians with an enormous dead sturgeon.

Anyway, I asked the man behind the counter about caviar from the Hudson. He said this was his family's business and they had to stop selling it in 1996 because the sturgeon became scarce and they are protected now.Then they imported them from Russia, but not anymore, because it had been protected under Communism. afterwards, all hell broke loose and they overfished the sturgeon.

In this jar was protein sauce, amino acids, nucleic, this was the shit that wasn¹t supposed to. Look. Some son of a bitch scientist in a lab somewhere in Long Island is gonna do the wrong experiment with a particle accelerator and he¹s gonna rip a hole that the whole
universe or they¹ll pop all our molecules apart into a soup of very hot, before the big bang, I mean. We're our own worst...

Where was I oh Yeah so Goocoomatz, also known as Glooscap, also Boshongo, she says to her daughters, possibly sons: Moon. You are the beautiful one. You float over everyone, and musicians like The Who or Enya will drink your silk and write ballads about you. Sun. You will make people¹s eyes water. Also you have to watch the jug because that¹s the way these things go.

There were light blue strands and pink strands and orange-brown strands and gray strands and yellow strands and green-yellow strands The sun was a dive bar on a weekday afternoon, one or two drunken regulars who would pigeonhole the occasional visiting hipster with jazz trivia or theories about assassinations.

Hot yellow light that made your eyes water would dip in through her windows at a low angle.

A conversation ensued in which he said that cities were environmental places to live. the owner of this little country store said cities were environmental places to live in and people needed to understand that. everything needs to balance. i was amazed to hear him say this. he said people often thought he was crazy when he talked about cities and the environment. i told him, yes, yes, yes - i agree with everything you say, yes

[excited, rambling on from there eventually maybe leading to a customer in the store buying olive oil...

And this, this OIL. She she guarded this, in this earthenware jug she
was and it wasn¹t any, we¹re not talking about this, this, olive oil or
clarified butter or some shit used to, to anoint like statues or. We¹re talking about this oil is now better known as blood.

I was amazed and in agreement when he said this. And it¹s out. The juice of life, the protein soup, single-celled organisms and ferns and lobsters and ferrets, it¹s out.

The sun BURSTS into flames, hydrogen burning into helium, the thing was not built for orgasms, and it¹s all up, the shit is heated, it¹s all over and now you got whatever, fucking Wal-Mart, coupons, uh, fan fiction, Larry King Live.
Nothing to be done about it now.

at bloomingdales the make-up women look smooth faced orange and red. this is the new make up people wear now orange and red

and you know they get that make up? how they get those colors? [animal testing...

did you know that a pearl is really a tumor
.....goes on from there....

I wish there were something inside me trying to be born, something that was tied into my flesh, but something that wanted to dance free of me, free of my flesh

I tried to run away once deep into the darkest night where alone lying on the ground I promised myself I would die there and then
The miracle was that I awoke in tall grass drenched in the
morning dew and I realized the dew was God's tears and I was not
alone, He had been there all night crying with me.

i like to rub a white cloth on a white floor...