Chosen Dance Company is a Christian based Hip-Hop dance company whose mission is to present concert works with Love in mind. Generally Hip-Hop is known for it's gangsta mentality, clever yet offensive lyrical content and thumpin' beats. Now imagine that you were a Hip-Hop artist performing for an audience that idolized and imitated what you did. Put simply, Chosen is Hip-Hop with a conscience. We focus on the dance that is Hip-Hop and use it in a way audiences of all ages, ethnicities, genders and culture can feel comfortable. The belief is that when there is something to say with words or movement it can be done with Love, which builds up and never cuts down. And if audiences imitate that, then we've succeeded.

Chosen will present some new works in it's repertory that offer the high caliber dancing that Hip-Hop is known for as well as some older ones that highlight the focus and discipline of movement including the "Egyptian Ballet," which premiered at the Fringe Festival under the Bumpin' Big Top in 03' and received a standing ovation! Chosen aims to raise the awareness of Hip-Hop in theater and reintroduce itself to the Philadelphia community since '03.