Assembly of the Wondrous Head

Taken from the Mabinogion: a king is shot by a poisoned arrow in battle; he asks his troops to sever his head to curtail the pain; he promises that his head will never corrupt, and that the band will never know age or sorrow if they keep his kernel sacred in a certain glen, and never part company with each other or the relic; the instructions are carried out and all is well for 80 years, when one soldier turns from the council fire to pursue his own fortune; all the suspended years of mourning come down at once, and the group fragments.


RAT is a collective idea and community. The Great Potlatch.

Theaters and individuals from around the country have freely offered the text assembled at this web site in service to this idea and community. RAT as it is represented on these pages is an open source document belonging to all those who contributed. Thieves Theatre has "copylefted" its own original content and contribution to this web site under GNU General Public License in a desire to keep all the contributions here both free and evolving.

For individual author and source references go to the archive section of the web site as well as the contemporary rat-list archives and source references in the Ratbase. Of course normal copyright laws apply to each of these individuals' work, but from its first gathering in Iowa through the present, the central consensus of RAT has always been the belief that the communal sharing of information and resources amongst one another will be our greatest strength.


Nick -- Chief propagandist, editor, architect, and designer of the web site.
Gabriele -- Editor and cataloguer of Ratbase.
Seth - Server provider and technical wizard; Ratbase programmer.